The Most Impressive Homemade Lightsaber We’ve Seen So Far


The release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens last month has inspired a new generation of nerdy engineers to try their hands at making their own homemade lightsabers. While all of the homemade lightsabers we’ve written about have their merits, a new one posted by YouTuber Martin Beyer last week might be the most impressive model we’ve seen so far.

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On his YouTube page, Beyer explains that this is his second prototype lightsaber, although he emphasizes that he’s still a long way from building a lightsaber that would be good enough to sell. Here’s his list of components he used to make the lightsaber:

  • Crystal-chamber: The crystal is a real blue Aqua Aura Quartz (removable).
  • Soundboard: CF 7,5 (by Plecter Labs)
  • Batteries: 2x 3.7V 14650 (1,1 A)
  • Vintage Graflex Flash Gun
  • 2W speaker
  • Main LED: triple cree (blue,green,white)


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