Researchers advocate strict laws on food hygiene for vendors



Researchers at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology are advocating laws to strictly regulate sale of food on the open market.

They describe existing legislation as ‘too generic’ to effectively deal with general food hygienic deficiencies.

The researchers who are currently implementing the Ghana Street Food Project believe such regulatory framework would restore dwindling public confidence in food vendors.

A member of the research team, Dr. John Fokuo emphasizes differences in food type, method of preparation; ingredients as well as points of food contamination should be factored in the draft of such laws.

He wants particular attention paid to Ashanti region as far as food hygiene is concerned.

He believes   the strategic location of the Ashanti Region as a transit point for many travelers, for instance, calls for serious attention to food hygiene.

“The Kumasi metropolis is a major transport hub for people passing through to various sections of the country so they stop here to eat. If food is not well regulated here it will affect the whole country”, he warned.

Dr. Fokuo who is also a Lecturer at the Sociology and Social Work Department at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology believes food vendors in out-lying communities are under supervised due to transportation and other challenges of food regulators.

Environmental Health Officer at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, Emmanuel Sankye expects clients of food vendors to adhere to professional directives for public safety.

Meanwhile, the researchers have engaged some food vendors in Kumasi on ways of improving their businesses.

The focus is on reducing challenges food vendors face due to mismanagement and seasonal increases in prices of foodstuffs.


Source: Ghana I Nhyira FM I Nana Yaw Gyimah

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