Madonna Collapses On Stage As She Pays Tribute To Late Icon David Bowie


Madonna paid an emotional on-stage tribute to an inspiration of hers on Tuesday night.

She sang out David Bowie‘s Rebel Rebel to audience goers on her Rebel Heart tour in Houston, Texas before collapsing in a heap, overwhelmed by her sadness at his passing on Sunday.

The 57-year-old remembered the musician, 69, after saying she’d been ‘devastated’ by the news that he had lost his secret battle with cancer this weekend.

The infectious tune once again rang out to a packed concert hall, but this time performed by Like A Prayer singer Madonna.

Though she bopped along to the well-loved lyrics – which were repeated back to her by the revelers that night – Madonna was clearly overwhelmed by emotion fell to the floor as soon as the song finished.

She was wearing a suitably flamboyant ensemble in fishnets and a basque; something fashion-loving Bowie would have no doubt adored.


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