I Didn’t Know My Boyfriend Was Married – Benedicta Gafah

Benedicta Gafah

One of the most stunning Kumasi based on-screen character, Benedicta Gafah has been caught in a web of adultery, but unintentionally as she has recently revealed that she was totally unaware of the fact that her boyfriend was a married man and he had 2 sons.
Kumawood actress told the media that, “I didn’t know he was married with two kids, and even though we had s3x several times, I quit the relationship because I can’t marry a man who is already married to someone else”.

Benedicta was quite serious with his boyfriend, who is a well known businessman and she even introduced him to her parents.

As indicated by her, despite the fact that she has made it clear to the man she isn’t even interested in being with a married man and a father of two sons but he kept on following her.

“He has appeared on set several times and producers sometimes get angry at me. I have tried several times to make him understand that I am no more interested in the relationship, but I really cannot understand why he doesn’t want to listen. We stayed together as if we were husband and wife”.

Benedicta Gafah proceeded with, his boyfriend kept on following him to the point of harassment and embarrassment, but now she has left everything behind and is currently dating a perfect man who loves her so much.







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